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360o Business Transformation Academy

Business Transformation is a change management strategy which has the aim to align People, Process and Technology initiatives of a company more closely with its business strategy and vision. In turn this helps to support and innovate new business strategies. For any transformation of a business or business processes, innovation is one of the key drivers. Having a stronginnovative capacity within the culture of the business can make or break a transformation process.

Transformation and change is a critical issue for most organizations.Transformation is a process that enables your business across all theKey Performance Indicator so that you can maintain your customers and outperform your competitors on an ongoing basis.

Transformation relies on implementation of effective market and stay-in-business strategies that attract more profitable customers in selected markets and lower operating costs.

Hence our 360o Business Transformation Academy aims to enable entrepreneurs align their workforce, business process and technology to the company strategy and vision. We train entrepreneurs wholistically on business management and strategies, enabling technologies and competencies for the workplace, as well as adopting business strategies to achieve business goals and success.

Courses include

  • Retail Store Management
  • Business Management for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Brand Management
  • Event Management
  • Franchise Management
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Professionalism Workshop
  • Business Networking
  • Analyze your Business
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Intellectual Property for Business Success

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