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        Human Resources Management


This course is designed for professionals who are involved in HR operations such as recruiting, compensation and administration. The credential demonstrates mastery of generally accepted technical and operational HR principles. Acquisition of this certification gives HR professionals an ultimate edge over their CO-HR practitioners. This credential improves the credibility of HR professionals.

This Course is for Training Professionals Who

• Focus on implementing HR programs
• Handles operational matters
• Reports to another HR professional within the organization
• Holds a job that focuses on HR department responsibilities rather than on the whole    organization
• Follows policies and guidelines for decision-making
• Seeks to gain credibility through increasing HR knowledge and experience. 


Module 1 - Introduction

    • What is Human Resource Management (HRM)
    • Human Resource Management Definition
    • Importance of HRM for Organizational Success

Module 2 : Scope of Human Resource Management

    • HRM in Personnel Management
    • HRM in Employee Welfare
    • HRM in Industrial Relations

Module 3: Processes in Human Resource Management

    • Human Resource Planning
    • Employee Remuneration & Benefits Administration
    • Performance Management
    • Employee Relations

Module 4: Skills of HR Professional

    • HR Skills
    • Decision Making Skills
    • Technical Skills
    • Leadership Skills
    • Emerging HRM Functions

Module 5: Role of HRM in Performance Management

    • Difference between Personnel Management & HRM
    • HRM Practices – Job Analysis & Job Design
    • Appraisal Process

Module 6: Hiring Strategies followed by Organizations

    • Components of a Hiring Process

Module 7: Various Retention Strategies

    • Components of a Retention Strategy

Module 8: Human Resource Planning

    • Training Administration
    • Direct Compensation
    • Indirect Compensation

Module 9: How HRM Manages Employee’s Performance

    • Job Enrichment
    • Inputs Required for HRM
    • Job Satisfaction and Organizational Objectives

Module 10: Management of Contractors

    • Managing the Vendors
    • Benefits of Hiring Contractors
    • Issues with Hiring Contractors
    • Real Life Example

Module 11: Strategic Human Resource Management

    • Introduction
    • How SHRM Works

Module 12: Global Human Resource Management

    • Objectives of Global HRM
    • Real Life Example
    • Global HRM and the Staffing Policy
    • Issues affecting HRM
    • Improving HRM

Module 13: Human Resource Information System

  • Human Resource Information System
  • Tips for Effective HRM
  • Case Study


 What you Get

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Training Aligned with the HRBP Methodology
  • Internship and Employment Support

Dates:  22nd & 23rd January; 12th & 13th February; 12th & 13th March 2018
Duration: 2 days 
Time:    10am daily
Price:N50,000         Deal: N40,000

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