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                   Information Security Awareness

Security awareness  is the knowledge and attitude members of an organization possess regarding the protection of the physical, and especially informational, assets of that organization. Raising consciousness regarding potential risks of the rapidly evolving forms ofinformationand the rapidly evolving threats to that informationwhich target human behavior is a very important proactive measure to protect a company’s existence and viability.

Presently, there is no coordinated national effort in Nigeria to stem this trend. The growing importance for information security spurred the need for Information security Awareness (ISA) education. Hence we have developed a national awareness campaign and a strategy to communicate and educate on information security practices among the various sections of public including housewives, students of schools, colleges and universities and industry including SME sectors and non IT organizations.



  • Participants will know what information is an asset and how they can be vulnerable
  • Knowledge of actions and inactions that make one vulnerable to information loss or theft
  • Educate on various types of threats to information and how to avoid or prevent them.
  • How to protect valuable information
  • Computer security
  • Online security: Email and social media
  • How to recognize Social engineering and hack attacks, etc
  • a computer, laptop or mobile phone
  • an email address, social media account e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM
  • a username, password or pin for any account
  • a website, surf online, chat online
  • Bank account, ATM card, retirement savings account,
  • Shop online, send or receive money online or through your mobile phone
  • Use cybercafé, download music/video/audio/documents/pictures
  • Use flash drives, hard disks or any external storage device
  • Children, spouse, family member or friend that has any of the above characteristics


They include parents, NGOs, government employees, schools, SMEs, students, children and women. Specifically, this training is for you If you have any of the listed characteristics below:


Course Outline


Fee: N 20,000         Deal: N2,000
Date: 29th June; 20th July; 3rd August; 21st September 2018

Duration: 1 day